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Post  KingCopa on March 26th 2013, 11:43 pm

Here is an overview of the meeting from last weekend. Thanks to all who were able to show and the input everyone had and we really missed those who were not able to show up. Make sure to post your input so we can get the details figured out and once things are set in stone I will update the calendar.

1. April 13th is Gary birthday and looks like we are going to run a trail called Red Creek which is up in the
Sheeps bridge area, Ryan is figuring out all the details

2. Club garage sale, We are going to do a club garage sale at Ryans the weekend of May 4th. Go threw all
your stuff and what you want to donate and sell. The funds from the weekend are going to go in to a
club fund and we will use it to do a BBQ. A few years ago we all went to the coves and swam and hung
out for the day so we will do something like that again or just go to someones house with a pool and
do it there. Hell if the weekend is good enough we can do a few BBQ Cool

3. Sycamore clean up. Going with an idea from Rich we will take the scrap metal and brass and recycle it
and with the funds use them to participate in a comunity event. I am part of a team for Autism Speaks
for my nephew who is autistic or if we have any other things we want to join just mention what they
are and we can pick one to do.

4. Tucson run for May 18th, a few trails were mentioned but nothing was picked so it will need lots more

5. Sedona run for sometime this summer. Possibly do an overnight trip and run several trails or just do
a long day.

Make sure to postall your thoughts so we can get the final details done and on the calendar Exclamation Exclamation

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Post  fwdjunky on March 27th 2013, 7:13 am

LOVE the garage sale idea! Ryan, what time Saturday morning can I be at your place to unload all the junk from my garage into yours. Very Happy


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Post  Powertrip on April 5th 2013, 2:44 am

My buddy has a 55" rear projection Mitsubishi TV to donate to the garage sale if anyone can help transport it from the Copa. I don't think it'll fit in my Jeep. I'll have some stuff to donate as well, but unfortunately I have to work that day.

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